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ACES – The Association for Commercial Equipment Solutions

The idea for ACES was conceived when a group of industry professionals realized there was a need in the marketplace for an Association that catered to the heart of the trucking industry: Repair and maintenance businesses, shop technicians and their vendor suppliers. Research was performed that confirmed this need, and ACES was born.

The founders of ACES have over 200+ years of combined experience in the commercial truck and diesel equipment repair industry, much of it hands-on and under the hood within repair shop and business operations. Additionally, we have assembled an ACES Advisory Council of industry esteemed leaders to guide and advise the association as it pursues the goal of ensuring every repair business, technician and vendor member thrives.

Our goal for ACES has been to build an Association of such great value for all its members that it makes the decision to join very easy. In fact, we have bundled an impressive lineup of member benefits, many of which are complimentary, requiring no additional purchases, making joining ACES a sound financial decision as well. As we grow, we will continue to add additional benefits.

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