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Repair Financing, Warranty Sales & Financing, Major Shop & Mobile Repair Equipment and Financing and More

Equipment health and safety is imperative to successfully operating a commercial piece of equipment no matter its purpose. Just as important is the health and safety of whoever is responsible for the proper function of that equipment. Our dedicated team and our partners are setting standards beyond anything executed previously, as there are new and better methods to accomplish goals in the commercial equipment marketplace.

TruckSuite is a “technology enabled” comprehensive products,  programs and services company designed to utilize the current and future industry offerings to stay ahead of the occurrences that force commercial trucks and truckers off the road – both temporarily and permanently.

The Owner/Operator programs, for example, provide a myriad of benefits and efficiencies that protect them from unforeseen catastrophic equipment failures and the downtime associated thereto. Nothing causes more drivers to be lost to our industry than an expensive, time-consuming breakdown.

When drivers are unwilling to continue to deliver freight and turn in (or abandon) their truck, there are several adverse effects:

  • The carrier who hired the driver cannot fulfill contractual obligations.
  • The lender for the equipment has a repossession that most often is “under water”.
  • The repair shop that did the diagnosis of a breakdown may have trouble getting compensated for their work.

TruckSuite offers preventative maintenance (PM) programs, predictive analytics, discounted parts, and labor, call center assistance, mobile towing and repair, road hazard protection, major component warranties with financing, repair financing and more.

Products & Services

  • Warranty Sales & Financing
  • Repair Financing
  • Major Shop and Mobile Repair Equipment & Financing
  • Mobile Lifts & Financing
  • Diagnostics Solutions
  • Tire Iron Road Hazard Tire Repair & Replacement waiver)
  • I-ComplyPro
  • Workplace Health and Safety

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