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Vendor Spotlight: TruckSuite, Michael Brady

This month we proudly welcome our original founding ACES vendor partner, TruckSuite, as our feature spotlight for March.  The leadership team of TruckSuite has incorporated multiple decades of “hands-on”, in-market learning from previous experience launching Premium 2000+ and growing it into the largest aftermarket warranty provider in the industry. The core leadership team from Premium 2000+ learned exactly what the industry needed to succeed. They have re-emerged to create TruckSuite, today’s provider of a “suite-of-solutions” and services that small, independent owner/operators need to succeed and thrive.

For this edition of the ACES Insider, we visited the TruckSuite headquarters operation in Winston-Salem, NC. We wanted to learn more about what to expect in 2023, and to gain insights about alternative financing options that small and independent repair shop operators can offer their “bread and butter” trucking customers. We met with Michael Brady, a long-time respected member within the commercial trucking community. He is now Director of Finance Solutions with Trucksuite. He has spent a career delivering  financing solutions designed  keep more profitable repair work moving in the shop and truckers on the road.

Join TruckSuite for the March “Education That Pays” Webinar 

“Taking Full Advantage of the Financing Options Available For Your Trucking Customers, Via Trucksuite” 

Mr. Brady, together with Larry Wyluda, Director of Sales & Marketing with Trucksuite, will join Mike Parnitzke and Jim Reed for the upcoming March edition of “ACES Live-Education That Pays” webinar, scheduled for March 22nd, 3:00-3:30 PM, EST. They will share how ACES members can take full advantage of the various financing options available for their trucking customers, via Trucksuite. They have solutions to complete a critical truck repair through finance or to finance the purchase of the industry’s most comprehensive service contract options. You need to save the date and register for this powerful 30-minute session. Signing up is easy and registration is free.   REGISTER HERE

Who is TruckSuite and How Was It Started?

TruckSuite is a “technology-based” developer of programs, products and services, primarily serving the commercial trucking industry. It was founded by industry visionary leader Mr. Lynn Murphy in 2016 in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Today, TruckSuite has emerged as the leader of innovative solutions within commercial trucking. Through their “suite” of service offerings, Owner Operators and small fleets, for example, can enjoy benefits typically only available to large fleets. The program also provides multiple benefits to carriers as well as asset protection to lenders.

And as operators of repair shop businesses, ACES members, through TruckSuite, can now offer many of their customers advantages not previously available to small shops, with Repair and Warranty Financing. As with any financial service offering, although each customer may be interested in a finance solution, they must individually apply, qualify and be approved, based on a balance of risk factors and truck asset information.

The TruckSuite Advantage is Their “Best-in-Class” Technology Platform & Service Delivery Capability

TruckSuite leverages the Whann Group’s robust iComply Pro technology platform, resulting in unequaled delivery of “best-in-class” products and services to commercial trucking customers. With the TSMobile App, repair shop trucking customers now can easily submit a financing application, know their approval status and get updates directly to their smartphone.  And services are supported by a team of seasoned trucking industry professionals working behind the scenes to ensure technical support and assistance goes smoothly, especially in the moment of need. The TruckSuite team is always on standby, all enabled by the iComply platform.

TruckSuite and ACES Together Brings Innovation and Value to Members

ACES members can take advantage of the Trucksuite products and services, such as:

  • With Repair Financing, keep profitable repair work in your shop for customers in need of a payment. solution that both gets their truck moving and preserves their critical working capital as an operator.
  • Get paid for Warranty Sales referrals up to $200 for each service contract sold.

Gain the advantage of working with a team of seasoned professionals who are guaranteed to know the trucking business.

Who is Michael Brady?  Hobbies and Interests?

Michael Brady, now Director of Financing Solutions within Trucksuite, began his career in the truck industry financing big trucks over 20 years ago for the then Russ Darrow Leasing company. Prior to working in the trucking industry, Michael worked in manufacturing but has always maintained his passion for the transportation business, particularly so as his dad spent his career devoted to the Detroit auto industry.  Michael has also been a loyal member of the UTA, with active participation on committees and events over the years.

Michael says he’s in the people, education, and solution business, and spent most of his time traveling the country visiting dealerships, meeting customers, and educating future owner/operators at trade shows. Michael is a people person and is naturally service oriented. What is the secret to his success? Said Michael, “I measure success by how confident the owner/operator feels after they complete the finance process with us” and that “showing respect and appreciation for truckers is of utmost importance to me personally”.  

Some of the proudest moments in his career are when customers tap him on the shoulder at a trade show to share their successes and challenges and telling him personally that he made all the difference. And that is what he works to achieve every day. That currency of appreciation is what motivates Michael to keep on trucking and serving.

When Michael is not working, he prefers to spend as much time as possible with his lovely wife Wendy. They enjoy traveling, biking, and socializing— especially at industry conventions. When not traveling, you will find both Michael and Wendy busy remodeling their home. For a creative outlet, he can be found authoring children’s books in his spare time.

We also learned Michael and Wendy are relocating from their mid-western home in Wisconsin to beautiful, and warmer Winston-Salem, NC. We wish them well on a smooth transition to their new residence and community.

For more information and details regarding financing solutions from Trucksuite, please contact Michael directly at (414) 303-7720.

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