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Right to Repair – Let Your Voice Be Heard

An industry-related topic of note and certainly central to owners and operators of a repair shop business is the Right to Repair(RTR) movement that involves proposed federal rulemaking setting out how to ensure independent repair shop operators can gain access to repair information and process warranties. Today, much of the late model repair work is tightly controlled with barriers and very limited access to software, tools, engine schemas, and other repair-related resources needed to perform aftermarket repairs for their customers.

In its simplest form, Right to Repair would loosen the grip of truck manufacturers and their control of the aftermarket repair industry. Please go to RTR,  have your voice heard, and learn more about the movement and progress to date. We will continue to work closely with Ann Wilson, SVP of Government Affairs, MEMA, to update our members as alignment and progress to this potential legislation becomes stronger and clearer to our interested stakeholders. Look for additional updates in future ACES Insider newsletters.

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