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Meet ACES Member: Jarrett

Who they are.

Jarrett is a market leader in the supply chain industry that delivers world
class service to its customers by employing exceptional people and utilizing innovative
technology while staying true to its family-owned values. Innovation is ingrained in the
Jarrett culture by actively encouraging employees to develop innovative ideas and
solutions to create value for their customers.

What they do.

The team members at Jarrett are experts in these areas:

Logistics Systems – dedicated to solving complex and unique supply chain
Transportation Services – your partner—not just a shipping provider—but a
strategic business partner. By providing deep insight into current freight shipping
costs and options, they help you make the best, most cost-effective decisions for
your business.
Warehousing – Your inventory is your capital, so getting this step correct is
critical! Jarrett Warehousing provides warehousing and order fulfillment services
that ensure you have visibility into—and control over—your inventory.
Fleet Services*

About Jarrett’s Fleet Services.*

ACES recently spoke to Jeff Gerber, Operations Manager for Fleet Services Division.

“We excel at truck and trailer repair, painting, and sandblasting. We specialize
doing big jobs, including complete trailer rebuilds. Our charge is to provide an
excellent end product…fast. We get trucks and trailers back on the road so
customers can run loads and make money.” – Jeff Gerber, Operations Manager
for Fleet Services Division.

With Jarrett’s regular truck fleet maintenance, you can keep your vehicles on the road
and out of the shop. Jarrett’s maintenance solutions help control your fleet repair costs
and keep your drivers on the road and productive.

Jarrett Fleet Services is proactive. Their trained and skilled technicians inspect all the
components of your trucks and trailers that require routine maintenance and will alert
you to any areas of concern. They’ll fix and repair issues now to save you emergency
repair costs and asset downtime that can happen down the road.

They discover and prevent safety risks, costly repairs, and unplanned downtime with
routine maintenance schedules.

Their goal as your truck fleet maintenance partner is to boost your fleet’s efficiency and
overall ROI.

Jarrett Fleet Services Specialties.

Whatever fleet equipment you need expertly welded—whether it’s aluminum trailer
flooring and side rails, steel vehicle cross-members, or even steel front-end loader
buckets—we can handle it.

Virtually any steel equipment you have can be sandblasted by our 70-foot-long, state-of-
the-art sandblasting and painting booth—which sustainably reclaims and reuses its
sandblasting media.

If your truck and trailer equipment needs to be completely repainted, merely touched up,
or needs undercoating, they’ve got you covered.

Jarrett’s ACES Experience.

“Jarrett takes advantage of the savings and services that come with ACES
membership. And Jarrett has been a fantastic testing partner for ACES, which is
something we often do with our members. We are always working to improve the
industry and what we offer our members.”  ~Jim Reed, VP Repair ACES, Director of Business Development
Chairman & Advisory Council 



“Aces has helped us with recruiting, they provided many candidates and
we now have a new employee in the logistics side in analytics.”
Additionally, we are partnering with them on an exciting new GPS unit
testing project. We are especially excited about the ACES consulting
project for a new facility at our satellite location!” ~Jeff Gerber,
Operations Manager, Jarrett Fleet Services Division

Connect with Jarrett

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