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Get $200 with ACES Refer a Friend Promotion

The Truck Repair Industry is a tightly knit community. We need each other to reach new heights of success. Membership in ACES helps get you connected to the people, products, and services you need to thrive.

That’s why we developed our Refer a Friend Program, which rewards you for bringing in others in our industry who could benefit. 

How it Works:

Join ACES, get a friend to join, and you’ll get a 200.00 referral bonus. What’s more, you can get your entire membership for free when you get 5 friends. This program also works with existing ACES Members.
An ACES Membership comes with big benefits. Members can now receive $2,499 of instant value when they join (with no additional purchases required). In addition, there’s another $64,000 available in benefits and savings.

ACES Benefits Include Things Like:
Repair Financing
Warranty Sales and Financing
Major Shop & Repair Equipment
Diagnostic Equipment & Tools
Diagnostics Training
Parts Discount National Fleet Pricing
Company Website with Free Hosting
Shop Software Set-Up and Training
Repair Shop Success Coaching and Training
After-Market Parts and Components
Workplace Health & Safety Health & Wellness Tools
Big Discounts with Our ACES Employee Recruitment Solution

Who Are ACES Members?

ACES has membership types and flexible payment plans for Repair Shops, Individual Technicians and Vendors. Take advantage of the Refer a Friend Program  Call us at (336) 904-2242 or reach out through our website contact page.

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